Radiant Heating

Heating is important when the weather can get icy and snowy outside.  It is even more valuable in colder climates where freezing temperatures can mean a whole slew of issues, including frozen pipes.  But one of the most aggravating aspects of making due with some HVAC heating in American residences if you are prone to sinus irritation and infection, is dealing with the scratchiness of the heated air that dries out your sinuses causing things like congestion, inflammation, and sore throat.  If you are waking up every morning with a sore throat, but don’t feel sick or ill, your current heat system may be to blame.

Radiant heating is different from what we are normally used to because it involves heating an object rather than heating the air itself.  One of the most popular and interesting ways of going about radiant heating, is through hydronic radiant floors, like the one pictured above.  All those squiggly lines that you can see are pipes that use heated water to warm the floors.  When you use zoning valves or pumps it also allows you to control each room’s temperature individually, rather than the rigidness of central air.  Hydronic radiant floors could save you a lot in the long term depending on how much space is covered and the costs of materials and labor.

Summit has the expertise and competitive prices needed to tackle your heating jobs.  Don’t wait until the weather gets cold, and let us meet your heat needs today.