The summer season may be getting closer to its conclusion, but that does not mean the temperatures have cooled off yet.  July and August months are known for being particularly muggy, and without the proper air circulation for your home or business you are allowing your air quality to suffer.  Especially if you are at a place of business, nothing says “professional” more than fans on the floor, blowing everyone’s hair around (humor intended.)

Those with allergies also are going to feel discomfort coming up these new few months as the dampness and changing temperatures of the weather stir up allergens.  Thunderstorms that often come in the autumn are capable of moving around irritants like pollen, ragweed, and grass.  You know– pretty much everything that can be found in a typical non-desert lawn.  Don’t rely on fans to get the job done at home either when whipping the air around can mean a direct hit of eye-watering pollen to the face.

Summit Specialized Pros are here to bring comprehensive solutions to your air, heat, and cooling needs.  Our team was accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you know that when you pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, that one of our skilled technicians will always arrive punctually and give you an elevated service experience.  Summit Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC is dedicated to going above and beyond everyone’s expectations for what our sector can do, and so we are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our team proudly services the following areas:  Fairfield CT, Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Counties in NY.

Whether you need residential or commercial air, heat, Portable Air Conditioner Reviews and cooling services– no job is too great or small for us.  We handle every client with care and consideration to individual needs and also accept Visa and Mastercard.  If you have an emergency with your air system at your business or home in the middle of the night, there is no need to fret because Summit has expert 24-hour emergency HVAC services for essential AC repairs.  We understand that extreme conditions and accidents can happen, so we will never ever make you wait until the morning or until the next business day.

Our technicians at Summit have the experience and skill to know how to repair and service all makes and models as well.  Although we would recommend customers to consider updated HVAC models or other machinery that complies with energy standards.  Especially if you are looking to cut costs as a business owner, investing in a new HVAC system that is eco-friendly will help you save money in the long run from cheaper energy bills.  Especially in the colder winter months, heating will be more expensive and wasteful of energy if your machinery is outdated.  Radiant heating is another option as well.

Whether you need commercial or residential AC installation, heat, cool, or HVAC to be serviced– Summit Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC has the specialized pros that will have you feeling confident about a job well done.